Visual Marketing Services

To make the first impression memorable, it must be through visuals.

Vivarta2Digital uses a vital component of modern digital marketing – Visual Marketing/Display Marketing.

 “A picture is worth one thousand impressions” and those impressions are incredibly valuable to businesses embracing digital branding. Visual marketing is an extremely effective method of customer-brand connection. 

what visual marketing is and how you can use it in Marketing Campaigns?
Visual Marketing Services

Why Visual Marketing is the future for the businesses?

According to the studies, the human brain processes images or videos 60,000 times faster than text. No wonder your audience prefers images or videos – they get the information they’re looking for faster while scrolling their social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more from top to bottom.

Beyond the speed of image processing, the human brain structures its impression in 50 milliseconds or less. Using visual marketing, we can make sure that the first impression will be a positive one. It’s much harder to do the same with lines of text. A visual medium is a more efficient conduit for your brand’s message. When consumers process information paired with relevant images or videos, they will retain 65 percent of that information longer than text.

Visual Marketing Services

How our Winning Visual Marketing Strategy works?

Our team primarily focuses on analyzing the nature of your business, customer base, their behaviors, and interests; based on which graphic designs like images/videos/info-graphics/presentations/business screenshots/business content and others relevant are portrayed to catch an eye of potential customers. Through creative thinking and imagination, we connect business concepts to the real world so that they can be the center of attraction for the audience and communicated visually.

Our main objective is to make the products/services and their visual communication strategically linked & indivisible so that their blending reaches the people, engage them, and defines their choices or interests in purchasing.

How visual content is the best way to attract visitors?

Our graphics designing team craft the stuff relevant to the products/services offered by businesses to engage the website’s or social media’s or search engine’s visitors by law of attraction for developing curiosity to fetch the impressions and to convert the visitors into potential customers.

Visual Marketing Services